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We span the globe in search of unique luxury properties and places, we review the best vacation destinations to provide you with reviews or where to explore, and where to stay for the best trip on the planet. We share our travels, cruising, boating, biking, hiking, skiing, touring, drinking in the scenery, savoring the local cuisine, exploring the finest resorts and most scenic places on earth. We also share tips on where to stay, top things to do at your destination, even how to pack for the best travel! With decades of travel experience, we – Heather and Greg Burke, provide firsthand travel reviews and tour itinerary recommendations for the best vacation inspiration!

Heather & Greg are Recipient of “Best Luxury Destination Reviews Platform 2024” Travel & Tourism Award from Lux Life Magazine. Let’s talk about Luxury Travel….

Luxury travel isn’t just spas and five diamond hotels and resorts (though we love those too)? Travel is about discovering unique new places, exploring destinations you never dreamed existed, touring remote rugged islands, sailing uncharted waters. Our travel “vacations,” we celebrate the “luxury” of being able to visit extraordinary places, natural wellness retreats where we hike, bike, sail, ski and truly indulge our senses in all that these new travel spots offer. Our tips on where to stay and play will enrich your travel, and your soul. You don’t have to pay a fortune to experience the luxury lifestyle when traveling. Expose yourself to the riches of each destination, meet the locals, see how they live, eat the food, dive in the waters and summit the mountains… that’s a true luxury vacation.

We research the finest oceanfront destinations, luxury ski resorts in The US, Canada, and The Alps, boating locations in the islands and Europe, invigorating bike trips staying at 4 and 5-star hotels along the way, dining locally on delicious food and wines. Join us, to plan your next luxury vacation with our guide on where to stay, play and experience. Learn – Explore – Enjoy the Journey.

The Luxury Vacation Guide provides you with resort reviews, Top 10 Things to Do at our favorite destinations, a guide to activities, day trips, hiking, biking, skiing, wine tasting, intriguing itineraries, plus dining guides, to best explore and enjoy during your vacation in new exotic and exceptional places.

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Heather Burke, our chief editor, is an award winning journalist. Greg Burke, web marketing manager, is also a nationally acclaimed photographer. See their Top 10 destinations and extensive photo galleries of the most beautiful travel destinations.

Read on and start planning your next trip of a lifetime, there’s no limit…life is a journey, travel often!

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“We do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” ― John Steinbeck