How to Pack for Luxury Vacation

Packing…At The Luxury Vacation Guide, we know how to pack, travel, play all day and still look stylish at happy hour cocktails and into the night!

We are packing experts, ready to fly at a moment’s notice. Admittedly, it’s hard to pack “light”, so here is a packing plan for a weekend ski trip, a week in the Caribbean cruising, or even two weeks in The Alps and look stylish from First Tracks to Après Ski!


Travel Packing Tips

  1. Check with the airline (if you are flying) as to luggage restrictions and weight limits. You may be able to carry-on a decent-sized rolling bag, our preference so there’s no waiting at the baggage carousel, and no fear of lost luggage. But see our airline reviews for policies concerning the weight of your carry-on and checked bag, often up to a whopping 50 pounds…that’s heavy! If you are traveling by private jet, there may be special luggage limits and weight restrictions.
  2. In your carry on personal bag, backpack or purse, bring a toothbrush, sunglasses, earphones, eye mask for sleeping, and necessary RXs. Basically, anything you would want/need for an overnight/lay over or delay, in the event of a canceled flight or if you booked cheap flights with no frills.
  3. Plan your outfits, by day – seriously. If you travel and return home not having worn something – you brought TOO MUCH! Pack two tops /shirts that coordinate well, a t-shirt in the event its warm and sunny, and a long sleeve, with a pair of black pants/leggings, a skirt or dress that serves as a cover up. If you will be hiking or biking, bring a quality pair of technical fabric pants- LL Bean for example – quick dry & lightweight.
  4. For travel outfits, I wear a lot of black, it’s very European and trendy …lol. No, actually it just travels well, coordinates easily, hides stains, and doesn’t scream “I’m a tourist.” I pack: leggings, a skirt, microfiber tee, LBD – little black dress, plus a few scarves and an oversized shirt/shawl that functions as a cover-up, layer.
  5. Coordinate: Ladies (and metro men), a scarf or two and some jewelry can accessorize nicely – adding mileage to your outfits. I also bring a lycra or rayon skirt and tights – in case I get a fancy restaurant invite (a girl can dream and should always be prepared).
  6. Footwear, wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, hiking boots or dress boots, pack a pair of dress flats and sneakers (or wear these for comfy travelling). Wrap your packed shoes in baggies, extra bags are handy for dirty laundry or market shopping at your destination.
  7. Jackets: bring a lightweight packable shell/raincoat, wear your puffy or bulky jacket on the plane – it can serve as a pillow on overnight flights.
  8. Jeans when traveling, I don’t recommend. My husband Greg swears by his one pair however. I find denim heavy, difficult to wash, and not always up to dress code – so I bring black pants instead – lightweight, easy to launder if needed, you can wear them from fancy to casual.
  9. A swimsuit is essential, for that perfect hot tub or spa pool. PJ’s are at your discretion but you certainly don’t need your big bathrobe. I pack just a few pair of undergarments which can be hand washed in a sink. Tip: I love my little Tide one-load packets, or Breez laundry strips, TSA likes them too – phew, for washing stinky socks & undies in a hotel sink at night so they are fresh and ready for the next morning of hiking, biking, skiing!
  10. Toiletries should be travel size – this should go without saying, but have you seen TSA’s confiscated box of expensive creams, perfumes, etc? Besides, you won’t need 10 ounces of shampoo – so why carry it and risk it blowing up at elevation?

Electronics – pack your charging cords, laptop, kindle, etc, in tidy compartmentalized bags to prevent tangling. Don’t leave home with an overstuffed bag, save a little room for unique purchases. Bring a few empty ziplocks – lifesavers when traveling to store cosmetics, cords, jewelry, purchases, snack, laundry…
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