Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

On the southernmost coast of Croatia, bordering Montenegro, lies Dubrovnik – “The Pearl of the Adriatic” according to Lord Byron. This 7th century walled city, once ruled by Serbs and Slovenes, formerly Yugoslavia, is rich with history within the medieval fortress of Stari Grad. Dubrovnik is an ideal luxury vacation destination best reached by boat, cruise ship or private yacht.

Dubrovnik Croatia Top Touring Tips

Stroll Dubrovnik’s maze of ancient stone streets, leading to grand marble squares and monasteries – embellished with fountains and sculpture, much has been restored from the Serbian war of 1991-92. The beauty of Dubrovnik’s Old Town of marble and stone is extraordinary, though highly touristy today. Walk the medieval village early or later in the afternoon, and consider riding Dubrovnik’s modern cable car for a panoramic overlook of the city.

A boat tour from Dubrovnik is a perfect escape from the bustling walled city, and offers a postcard perspective of the dramatic stone fortifications surrounded by brilliant blue coast. Our Captain Bujo, of Dubrovnik Boat Trips,  swiftly steered us out the yacht-filled harbor to stunning open waters of the Adriatic toward the Elafiti Islands.

The Blue Cave was our first anchorage, on Kolocep Island, where we swam in the gorgeous blue sea, and snorkeled into the dramatic Blue Cave which glowed from mineral-rich water, and the iridescence of the coral reflecting the sun’s rays streaming into the cavern. The water was refreshing, the setting… magical…

Sunj Beach was our next anchorage, on the south shore of Lopud Island where our party enjoyed leisure swimming, strolling the resort’s beach and lounging in the warm Croatian sun.

Lopud Island was our lunch locale. Followed by a pirate ship into the picturesque harbor, we docked by the luxury Lafodia Hotel, and walked the beautiful waterfront boulevard passing by sweet smells from Exquisite Bakery, colorful gelato stands and beach bars, and a secretly walled botanical gardens. Our destination was Restaurant Obala.

Our elegant outdoor table at Obala hugged the seaside wall, set with fresh flowers, crisp linens and fantastic wine glasses which were soon filled with local wine – a delicious blend of Sauv, Chard, Gwertz, and native grapes. Franco, our amazing waiter carried a towering display of 15 glasses, then delivered boutneous plates and platters of antipasto – tuna, octopus, calamari, prawns, with marinated artichokes and local cheese. Next, the Chef presented today’s fish – fresh from the sea, head to tail, for our inspection before grilling Croatian style. Our Lopud lunch and location were to die for, priceless, or 986,00 kuna (100$ Eu).

A beautiful boat ride back to Dubrovnik capped of our perfect Croatian day of island exploring tasting, sightseeing and swimming.

Dubrovnik King’s Landing tour is a thought for Game of Thrones fans. Experience the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and the show’s home of the Iron Throne. See GOT film locations of the Battle of Blackwater Bay (Fort Lovrijinac, the show’s Red Keep), Queen Cersei’s walk of shame at the Stradun, the House of Undying where Daenerys dragons are stolen at Minceta Tower,  and the Purple Wedding at Gradac Park.

Departing Dubrovnik at night, from the sparkling sea with the city lights emanating over the towering stone walls that encircle the ancient town, is fantastic.

“If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik. Because the beauty there will leave you breathless.”
-George Bernard Shaw

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