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Ski the AlpsJoin us on our journey. We love to travel, to explore our spectacular globe. To travel and to vacation is to discover interesting destinations, vibrant cultures, to immerse in nature – be it waterfront or mountain resorts, historic cities and sights, or remote pristine parks and preserves. The real luxury in travel is vacating from your norm and surprising your senses, expanding your horizons.

We travel the globe in search of highly scenic, photogenic and historic places, we review the best vacation destinations to provide you with vacation ideas – where to explore, and where to stay for the best trip on the planet and the vacation of a lifetime. Our travel photos and itineraries will guide you vicariously to beautiful places, and help you decide where your next vacation will be. You may even decide to follow one of our travel itineraries.

Discover amazing curated vacation itineraries, so you can follow our travels and create your own adventure, be it biking Austria’s Danube River, or touring the Loire Valley of France visiting majestic castles along the way. Maybe skiing in the Rocky Mountains, Canada or the Alps. Or cruising the BVIs, Maine or Chesapeake Bay on a sailboat.

We share our travels, cruises, boating, biking, hiking, skiing, touring, and drinking in the scenery. We dive into the local cuisine, stay at the finest resorts and tour the most scenic places on earth.

Who & why? Heather is the travel blogger and writer, Greg is the trip planner and photographer! We do this for our love to travel, and to share with you – our followers – to save you a few steps in planning your getaway.

Islands and Beaches
Love the beach? Picture yourself on a remote beautiful island in the Caribbean. We have reviews of top tropical vacation destinations. We also love the coast of Maine in summer and have reviews on top ports for waterfront resorts vacations in New England, and the best coastal towns around the US. We are boaters, with a love of being on the water, and all our coastal vacation reviews include time on the water – kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, fishing – with suggested boat tours and charters.

We love a cruise ship vacation, but we really like to charter our own boat to navigate the Fjords of Norway, Croatia, or sail the coast of Maine, Rhode Island and the vast Florida waterways. We have boated the Canals of France, and sailed Chesapeake Bay. We provide our travel friends with perfect itineraries so you can replicate our luxury vacations and know where to go.

Island and Beach Getaways and Vacations
Best Beaches l BVI’s l Bermuda l Florida l Georgia l Maine l Mexico l Rhode Island l South Carolina

Ski Destinations
If you love to ski, we have skied over 276 ski resorts around the world and we provide reviews of amazing ski resorts you have never heard of, but you will love skiing. Our ski trips include a safari approach of unique and proximate ski resorts you can include in a trip to the Swiss Alps or Austria, France, the Italian Dolomites, and even the Pyrenees of Spain. In the US and Canada we have skied every major ski resort, Vail to Big Sky, Mammoth to Maine, Banff and the Monashee of British Columbia for heli and cat skiing. In our ski reviews, including the best heli-skiing and cat skiing, we recommend hiring a ski guide, where to stay in ski country, the best on-mountain lodging, where to après ski, and fun things to do after your big mountain adventure.

We have even ventured to South America to ski the southern hemisphere’s Andes Mountains in Chile and Argentina. Of course, the best ski trip includes touring the local wine country – so we highly recommend skiing Portillo Chile along with time in the Chilean wine region where the best wine-making in the world is occurring.

Top Ski Vacation Destinations:
Austria l Canada l Colorado l French Alps l Italian Alps l Montana Skiing l Switzerland l United States

Wine Tours
To us as travel bloggers, food and wine define a culture, so we love exploring new regions with a wine tour, bakery stops, and café culture. We have toured Napa, France’s Loire Valley along with Burgundy, Italy’s wine regions, Austria’s Wachau wine-rich countryside, Portugal’s Douro River, and even South America and Chile’s wineries. Follow our wine tours and viticulture trips for a sensory-rich experience. We have even biked through wine country – which we love – guilt-free dining and sipping after exploring the beautiful vineyards on bicycles. Oenophiles, connoisseurs, and amateurs are all welcome to follow our wine trip tips.

Wine Country Travel Destinations…
Austria Wachau Wine Region l Chile Wine Country l France l Italy l Napa Valley l Portugal

Adventure Travel
On our travel bucket list, we continue to explore our world’s diverse topography, by bike, boat, train or plane. With so many National Parks and abundant State Parks, we review these amazing nature preserves as part of a travel itinerary. World UNESCO Heritage sights are part of our travel recommendations – these landmarks are diverse from the castles of the Loire, the Alps of Switzerland, to the mountains of Montana and the Everglades of Florida. Our travel guide includes tips on how to create the best vacation plan with just the right balance of nature and adventure, along with some luxury accommodations – pampering at a top resort, maybe glamping, and fine dining on local cuisine and craft cocktails.

Adventure Travel
Bike Tours l Cruising l Charter Boat Sailing l Ski Destinations l UNESCO World Heritage Sites

US and European Cities
We also enjoy exploring historic cities with art, museums, and incredible landmarks. See our reviews on Florence Italy, Barcelona Spain, Dublin and Galway Ireland, Paris France, Prague Czech,  Vienna Austria. The bustle of NYC and Boston is inviting, with great shopping, while we find the southern charm of Savannah Charleston, and Florida communities seductive.

Cities worth a Visit
Boston l Barcelona l Florence l Paris l Prague l Porto l Vienna l Savannah l Seattle

Friends tell us we’re that couple from The Amazing Race – expertly navigating airports, train stations, cruise ship terminals, and managing foreign languages swiftly and successfully. Only we don’t travel for the million-dollar prize, we travel for the millions of memories!

See our Travel Tips on “how to sleep on a plane” as we have learned from many globe-trotting flights. When you travel, the fun meter is always running, so we don’t want to waste a minute, but we know the importance of staying rested, healthy, and fit for most anything!
A few of our popular pages include:
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Yes, we are travel experts, but we are also giddy with youthful excitement about sharing our travel tips and even our vacation dos and don’ts learned from our vast experience.

Join us on our adventure. Plan your next luxury vacation with our guides and tips on where to stay, play and experience. Learn – Explore – Enjoy the Journey.

The Luxury Vacation Guide will provide you with resort reviews, Top 10 Things to Do at our favorite destinations, a guide to activities, day trips and itineraries, and dining guides, to best explore and enjoy during your vacation in new exotic and exceptional places.

See our Top Destinations and our extensive photo galleries of the most beautiful travel destinations. Read on and start planning your next trip of a lifetime, there’s no limit…life is a journey, travel often!

Travel Deals and Specials l Hotel Vacation Discounts l Condominium Specials and Deals l Lodging Specials

“We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” ― John Steinbeck