Cruising and Charters

Life’s best travel adventures are on water. After all 70% of the world is water, from crystal blue Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, to the dramatic Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, to Norwegian fjords, European canals including France’s wine ripe waterways.

The best adventures are coastal, nothing is as spectacular as the where the the land meets the sea. Maine’s crashing surf against pink granite shores, sand beaches in Bermuda caressed by salty surf, big waves on the California coast, and rolling rivers and canals that ply through France, Italy and Portugal landscapes.

Charters and Cruises are the ideal luxury vacation. You get your feet wet with adventure (pardon the pun), but enjoy the luxury of traveling with beautiful lodging on a private yacht, a charter sailboat, barge or powerboat or a small luxury cruise ship.

By day you explore the land, sampling vineyards, touring historic villages, hiking up scenic hills and mountains, biking beautiful foreign countryside. In the evening you return to your yacht, boat or cruise for sunset, cocktails, gourmet dining and dancing under the stars on your floating vacation destination.

We have cruised the best, The Caribbean, France’s inland canals, the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, the Italian Riviera and the Douro River of Portugal, even the dramatically deep Fjords of Norway. Our reviews should help you plan the ultimate vacation in exciting exotic new places by the water.

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“A Ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for…” – John Shedd