Survival Guide to Social-Distancing & Self-Isolation

Friends and followers, these are unprecedented times… and we must all do our part…

“If you’re not the part of the solution, you are part of the problem  – so do your part”

Its day 70+ of my self-quarantine. Here are my thoughts on how to stay sane, healthy and happy!

Stay home! I hope everyone comprehends now the importance of self-isolating, self quarantine and distancing to slow the spread! Wear a mask when you go out for essentials. Wash your hands- is this new? Taught my kids that years ago …

Stay in a routine! Get your rest, get your exercise, eat healthy, drinks LOTS and LOTS of water. Tip: warm water is better for you than cold! See my  healthy “Quarantini recipe” on Facebook Luxury Vacation Guide  – its actually quite yummy!

Get Dressed! This may sound silly, but lounging in your PJs all day is slovenly and promotes inactivity.

Working from home? It is especially important to switch from PJs to something more professional. Try it, I think you’ll notice the shift in your attitude & productivity!
Set a schedule, with daily tasks, and create a specific designated work area to be most productive.

Kids are at home? Good luck with that… LOL! But seriously – same rules apply – schedule studies and play time, and stick to that routine. Reward kids appropriately for tasks and chores too, its not bribery – its sanity!

Exercise! Improves your health, mood, fitness and stamina. Go for walks outside – social distancing of course – get fresh air. If weather doesn’t permit, download a free exercise app. We are fortunate to have invested in a Peloton – the ultimate social distance work out.

Ladies, put on a little make up!  Try it – it’s surprising how a swish of mascara and a swipe of lip-gloss can improve your mood and therefor your demeanor. Confidence still matters – especially in quarantine.

Connect with friends and family! Call or your text loved ones and friends. Distance doesn’t mean disconnect. Organize & attend a virtual party via zoom, marco polo, telegram or facetime! Its Facebook and Instagram’s time is to shine as truly “social”. But stay away from politics, President bashing and the blame game, we are all in this together.

Take a break from the news! Its exhausting and overwhelming. Yes, stay informed, but don’t overdo it…

Dance it out! Playlist: “Dancing with Myself”.. “Safety Dance”..”Don’t Stand So Close To Me”.. party on…

Read a book!

Write your goals!

Clean your closet (yeah, I knew that one wouldn’t be popular)!

Scan photos! My latest DIY project… purging old photo albums to digital… memories bring us joy and remind us how time passes, challenges and happy times are cyclical…

We shall overcome – with a positive attitude, pro-active measures, and keeping in touch (not actually touching!) and encouraging one another…  hint hint, hope to hear from you soon!

Virtual hug, Heather

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” – Helen Keller

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