About Me

At Luxury Vacation Guide, we love to travel, its our passion… to find truly cool, scenic, unique new travel destinations – exotic places you have never heard of, and luxury resorts you never thought you could afford! We fly, bike, boat and ski, all over the planet to find the perfect luxury hotels and resorts, with a plethora of adventures to satisfy our senses and fill our souls with lifetime experiences.

We find the best things to do at every port of call, and the best places to eat, drink, and meet locals at each destination we unearth. We are adventurers, early risers that love skiing first ski tracks on a glacier, or gliding across a fjord or calm harbor at first light, biking to far points and peninsulas, and hiking spectacular scenic summits.

Along with all our outdoor adventure, we love discovering local culture and cuisine, the best chefs and restaurants with a view everywhere we venture. We have an appetite for the exotic, but we love great value on vacation – so we look for happy hour with the locals, live music, waterfront settings or mountain chalets serving locally sourced food. Nothing toasts better … food from near, when you are far away.

In our travel reviews, we also seek out the finest lodging, top hotels and spectacular locales. We are not the “roughing it” type, we prefer glamping in an luxury igloo with fur and fine linens. Five star hotels in ski country are our fave, but we love to charter a luxury yacht to sail the Caribbean or the canals of Europe too. We critique the best cruise ships and provide tips on how to have the best cruise vacation, at the best ports of call, off the beaten path – like Croatia or the beautiful Maine coast.

Our luxury vacation tips, and our photography of the most beautiful travel destinations, are your guide to your next luxury vacation. See reviews from our travel friends and hosts

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.” – Travel Wisdom