Bermuda’s Best 10 Travel Tips

Bermuda is romantic, ideal for a couple’s adventure with beautiful pink sand beaches, caves and coral to explore, snorkeling, diving and boating, golf to play and caves to explore. With luxury properties in the harbors and on the beaches, Bermuda is a must visit…. Here are the Top Things to Do in Bermuda and Travel Tips for the best Bermuda vacation

Visit Horseshoe Beach – listed among the top 10 beaches in the world. Slather on the sunscreen, carry your camera and enjoy the most beautiful beach walk ever.

Taste Bermuda’s Fish Chowder – this rich dark chowder is laced with local Dark Rum and sherry. We loved the Hog Penny’s chowder, a British pub in Hamilton.

Avoid the Cruise ship crowd – ships dock primarily at the Dockyard and St. George’s, so head elsewhere when they’re in port.

Chat with the “onions” – local term for Bermudians. They are friendly charming people that love sharing tips and tales of their island.

Skip the moped, ride the bus – Bermuda public buses are friendly, cheaper than cabs, and surely safer than mopeds on the tight twisty island roads. Visitor may not rent cars.



While the weather is typically warm and sunny, Bermuda’s official drink is “Dark ‘n Stormy” of ginger beer with Goslings’ Black Seal Rum.

Look for lodging deals to Bermuda, including resort credits when you book several nights.

Bermuda’s season is best April to early November, winter can be cool, same latitude as South Carolina

Bring US your money – US dollars are accepted on par with Bermudian currency.

Be prepared that Bermuda is pricey, you get what you pay for…can you put a price tag on sunshine?