Heather and Greg Burke are the ultimate travel journalist team. Together, they research remote destinations, and travel to new vacation places as their work and their passion. She writes, he photographs and they chronicle and review where to go, where to stay, what to do for adventure and the adrenaline rush we all seek, and finally where to dine, the most scenic spot for cocktails, and find the best evening entertainment.

Luxury travel isn’t just spas and five diamond hotels and resorts (though Greg & Heather love those too), its about discovering unique new places, exploring destinations you never dreamed existed, touring remote rugged islands, skiing untracked moutanins, sailing unchartered waters.

Our Luxury Vacation Guide travels are to extraordinary places, natural wellness retreats where we hike, bike, sail, ski and truly indulge our senses in all that these new travel spots offer. Our tips on where to stay and play will enrich your travel, and your soul. You don’t have to pay a fortune to experience the luxury lifestyle when travelling. Expose yourself to the riches of each destination, meet the locals, see how they live, eat the food, dive in to the waters and summit the mountains, and ski down off piste… that’s a luxury vacation.

We redefine luxury, luxury isn’t complicated or stuffy, it’s simple, its authentic experiences, historic hotels, gorgeous national parks, finding the paths and roads less traveled. To truly luxuriate, you should immerse yourself in the culture, the flavors and traditions of the best vacation destinations. You can enjoy camping, glamping or lodging in 5 star castles and resort hotels – but it’s the uniqueness of your experience that makes the best travel moments and treasured memories. The perfect vacation day includes adventure, exploring new sites, dining on local cuisine, and sleeping in amazing locations.

“Life’s greatest luxury is to travel”

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